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Return of the deposited signal

Due to the health emergency against covid19, in case of returning to a confined state, and, for that reason, canceling the reservation, we return the total amount of the deposit, regardless of the date of the cancellation.

Rates of our Winter Plots

Plot Standard Rates for Winter



Plot Standard Rates for Winter
Low Season
02/01/19 - 17/04/19
22/04/19 - 30/06/19
01/09/19 - 28/12/19
Mid Season
18/04/19 - 21/04/19
01/07/19 - 31/07/19
19/08/19 - 31/08/19
Adult (+10 years old)5.00 €/day5.50 €/day
Child (2 to 9 yeras old)4.50 €/day5.00 €/day
Store7.60 €/day8.50 €/day
Caravan7.60 €/day8.50 €/day
Mobile home11.00 €/day12.00 €/day
Motorcycle/Car3.00 €/day4.00 €/day
Electricity5.00 €/day5.00 €/day
Dog1.00 €/day1.50 €/day
10% VAT included in all rates. Open all year round.

ACSI / Senior Plot Rate


ACSI / Senior Plot Rate
Price per day
1 night16 €/night
+7 nights15 €/night
+15 nights14 €/night
+30 nights13 €/night
+60 nights12 €/night
+90 nights11 €/night
+120 nights10 €/night
Plot of 70 m2, with gravel ground and delimited with hedges.
Customers must park their cars on their corresponding plots or rent a separate parking space for the car.
10% VAT included in all rates.
Open all year round.


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